Chef Fae

My sis Faena, always there to feed her big bro. *smiles* She is very skilled as a chef and I just had this great idea to put her on my blog as my chef and share her recipe, our roleplay with you guys. Even dark scribes have to eat, don’t you agree? *chuckles* Thanks for…

My “goal” in Gor

So okay… Goal of this blog is to spread cryptographer roleplay through out Gor. Not just in lines filled with details ( proper details ), but to have ability to encode and decode message, using notecards… I have been tutored by some great cryptographers of Gor, some don’t play so much this days.. They were active when I arrived to Gor and ciphers fascinated me. So much fun, they shared the same opinion and they did developed ways, which I perfected and still use on how to make Gor cryptology in notecards and it is so cool.

Over time I hope that cryptographer roleplay will get its recognition as equal to other subcastes of scribes or other roleplays. Imagine… Ambassadors, messengers… Carrying secret messages you made and other cryptographer in that city encodes them or then again they get in ambush and enemy cryptography encodes it.. So cool, I know right! And many more things that cryptographer can do and indulge in great rp.